Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday feature: Cheer Challenge

Friday Feature

Happy Friday everyone! This Friday I'm doing a review on the book Cheer Challenge by Jake Maddox.

Amanda has always dreamed of being captain of a cheerleading squad, and this year, she is! But she soon realizes that being captain is harder than she thought. Not only does she have to lead the squad, she has to inspire them, and that’s hard work.

Amanda has entered her team in a big cheer challenge, but everyone thinks they need a new routine. Will they be able to come up with a new routine in time so they can win, or will everything go wrong?

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Haily Benton and the School of Secrets

Haily Benton and the School of Secrets

 As you all know, I am working on a new book called The Lost Island. But that is not all. I'm also writing a book called: Haily Benton and the School of Secrets

Haily Benton is ten years old and is in fifth grade. Haily also has two sisters.
The oldest is Jessica. She is in twelfth grade (high school). She is a drama queen, sassy, and popular. The second oldest is Serena. Serena is in eighth grade. She loves sports, is laid back, and spends practically all day on the couch watching TV in her sports uniform.

Haily has moved several times in the past. She grew up in Texas and moved to Russia. As much as Haily loved Russia, she missed Texas. But her family surprised her by deciding to move back to Texas. But when she gets there something terrible happens!

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Mishmash

Happy Monday! Monday Mishmash is a weekly meme created by Kelly Hashway dedicated to sharing what's on your mind. Feel free to grab the button and post your own Mishmash!
  1.  Time I am truly sorry for not posting in a while. It has just been hard because of everything going on lately, and with Christmas coming up I've been extra busy these past few weeks. So please just know that I'm honestly trying to post, but I barely even have time to type these posts. But don't worry. I have this week's posts all set up!
  2. Haily Benton and the School of Secrets I am so happy because this very Wednesday I will be posting a sneak peak for one of my newest books: Haily Benton and the School of Secrets. So be sure to check it out!
  3. Friday Feature I have got to say that Friday Feature is my favorite kind of post. Why? Because I have to read books for it, but it is so hard to pick just one that I have read that week. Be sure to check out my Friday Feature this week!
  4. Writing I have not had much time lately to just sit down and write my books. There is always something that is taking up that time. Like: school, readers wall challenge at school, after school activities, and more.
  5. Christmas Christmas is right around the corner! Which means that there will be joy, love, gifts, family, and celebration everywhere.