Wednesday, June 14, 2017

writer wednesday

Writer Wednesday

Many of you may know I have put aside writing until summer break for my school. That is true, but I am now out of school and working on writing again.  I am planning to mainly work on The Lost Island instead of Haily Benton and the School of Secrets or any other books I have been working on. I know I have not yet told you, but The Lost Island I am planning on making the last book in that series. So I want everyone who is reading this to tell me their opinion on if I should keep going with one or two more books in the Secret Sister series or not because if so I do have some more ideas that I want to use, but it can't be in The Lost Island. I was also hoping to make a journal series for the characters from The Secret Sister and The Lost Island series. So I would love to hear your opinion on that, too. 

Haily Benton will be a series, but I might keep pushing that off a bit since not many people know about it. I am also pushing it back so I can finish the first book series I started. 
I am really excited to finish these books because I truly think that you will enjoy all the twists, mysteries, and adventures.

For more info about The Lost Island, The Secret Sister, and Haily Benton and the School of Secrets, visit some of my previous posts!

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- Ayla Hashway

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  1. I think The Lost Island should be the last book, and then you should write those diaries.